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Thread: P3GO help?

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    mdr3939 Guest

    P3GO help?

    What is the right workflow to use other payloads on a P3GO ??

    Seems that when you put a Micro SD card with an other payload on, the device uses this payload at boot.

    Is this right ? Or do you have to rename this hex ??

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    BwE Guest
    they have a manual in their usb. it's very vague and annoying but it works out.

    i've never gotten a p3go to work (so theyre sending me a replacement tomorrow)

    so i'll be putting up a review (hopefully, i already have but the boss and i are waiting on another user to co-review) and in that review there SHOULD be a definitive guide


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    SlipNut Guest
    well from what I`ve read, I believe you must first download and install 20101118-update.rar, Copy the hex files to the root of your disk, and change to psgroove.hex. Do not insert TF card when use this function.

    so if i am reading his correctly, whatever hex file you wish to use,copy over to the ps3go then rename it to psgroove.hex and you should be good to go, if want to go back to the origional payload on the usb then delete the psgroove.hex

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    bitsbubba Guest
    this would be correct except for one thing, to use any hex from any board use 20101126-update.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest

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    I've a P3Go, it's easy if you know.

    1. Download "20101126-update.rar", unrar the *.bin on your Desktop.
    2. Insert your P3Go, search for the "U-Disk" which has ~90mb of space.
    3. Copy *.bin on it, pull the P3Go out of the USB port.
    4. Connect it again on your PC, see the 2 lights on your P3Go shinning - wait till it's calm and no light is making a party.
    5. Get an *.hex file, which is from one of the following devices ** .
    6. Rename the *.hex to "psgroove.hex" and copy to the "U-Disk".
    7. Make sure there is no MicroSD (TF) card in your dongle.
    8. Thats it, just plugin on your PS3 and enjoy your *.hex.

    ** Supported *.hex from following devices.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This should be clear every question about the dongle.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    nice tutorial oVERSoLDiER but I heard that this method only works with 3.41 hex as where the 20101118-update-dev method where you flash your own compiled 3.15 PL3 compiled update.bin after the official dev update works, JB with MicroSD in P3Go.

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