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Thread: Overheating PS3 turns to YLOD, tried reflow help?

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    young legend Guest

    Overheating PS3 turns to YLOD, tried reflow help?

    I have an 80gb cechk01 and out of nowhere it started overheating so i decided to replace the power supply with the power supply from my other ps3 thats the same model but it was water damaged from a hurricane so that made my overheating ps3 work for a little while then it just stop completely.

    If i turn it on and all it takes is 30 seconds then it gives me the overheating warning messages in the top right corner and the light starts blinking red now it gives me a chance to turn it off but if i ignore the message it just turns off by itself.

    This made me try to take off the rsx chip to clean off the ihs and reapply the thermal compound and when i put the ps3 back together and turn it on it had YLOD and when i took it back apart the rsx chip was stuck on the heatsink thats on the fan and it keeps do that every time i put the three back together

    Thanks for any help i receive (Also i ended up bricking the water damaged ps3 with the e3 flasher so im selling the motherboard on ebay)

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    niwakun Guest
    probably you damaged your RSX for good, by removing that RSX IHS improperly.

    although its overheating problem, the problem resides to CPU not the RSX, CPU always notorious to overheating problems so removing the CPU IHS and reapplying the thermal paste beneath it usually solve it, but its a risky job if youre not not extra careful enough.

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    young legend Guest
    I think the cpu ihs is the one i did but every time i put the ps3 back together i get the YLOD and then i take it back apart the cpu be stuck to the heatsink like in the second picture

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    niwakun Guest
    The CPU one got a printing with CELL BE on its IHS and that's the thing you want to deal with overheating problem not the RSX as I mentioned earlier.

    And I see, so the IHS got poped out when you removed the heatsink right? probably its a good time to reball the RSX, reflowing the motherboard requires more things, one is you need to flux the rsx chip and other things. Or buy a new one since you got a overheating problem (unless you know someone who can do IHS removal and reball the GPU at the same time)

    although I did reball my PS3 by myself (since I got a IR Rework machine anyway) and do a overhaul thing on it remove the IHS and reapply some high quality thermal paste on it, and now my PS3 is running fine.

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    young legend Guest
    I been realized that i will need to buy a new ps3 but i wanted to make sure that was the last option. I really didn't want the reballing service or buy a new ps3 but oh well.

    Thanks for the help

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