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Thread: OtherOS on Slim?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AerialX View Post
    Does the Infectus downgrade method still work?
    Not since PS3 Firmware 2.10 as confirmed HERE among other places.

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    twiggs462 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mohp View Post
    The only way it is going 2 get hacked, is by installing a modchip, or playing around with the hardware.
    I couldn't agree more... not that this matters but the PSX and PS2 needed to be hacked via a chip (hardware mod) - granted they were not as sophisticated as the PS3 (or XBox360 for that matter). I just hope we see a chip before the novelty wears off and a new system comes out!

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    jabberosx Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jai View Post
    i'm pretty curious to see what happen if i decrypt the disk image of my fat (obviously with linux installed) and then copy it, properly re-encrypted, to a slim console.

    PS: HI ALL! this is my first post
    From what i understand... You can get the data from the HDD, but putting it back on is not possible into another PS3 same one maybe.. Or maybe i am getting it wrong

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    Mathieulh Guest
    Downgrading wont work after 2.10. It is assumed that there is either a version flag or a revocation field inside syscon (or another writeable area) which prevent from downgrading.

    My personal theory is that there is a revocation area inside syscon (most likely some certificate) which is updated everytime you update and will prevent an old coreos from running unless it is not added in the revocation certificate (which should be the case of debug core os and ones used for servicing purposes, though I expect all the ones from retail updates to be added)

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    t3nk3n Guest


    To cut the cost of PS3 and make it more profitable they take out a few features, that they think the regular consumers don't don't and add more mainstream feature that are software driven.

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    Assignator98 Guest
    One thing i dont get is why the ps3 slim is able to play dvd normal dvds, so doesn't it mean that it can play ps2 games or if not that backups.

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    pirge Guest
    AFAIK only the original PS3 60Gb could play PS2 games - the other PS3 phat models (40Gb, 80Gb etc) cannot play PS2 games.
    It seems the PS2 emulation was hardware based as the 60Gb also had 4 USB and a flash memory reader which is different from the later models.

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