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Thread: OtherOS on Slim?

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    Pcsx2006 Guest


    Guys just another newbish idea forgive my ignorence but xbox360 dont have otheros option, but still a linux project is in work.

    maybe if any of dev could explain it clearly because im not into devs stuff.. my point is if linux can run on xbox360 why not ps3 slim?

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    zaror1992 Guest
    m not a dev but i think its because xbox is hack3d? just like wii... you can just run linux by installing the homebrew channel and its easy as hell. btw you can run linux on ps3, but in the slim you cant because sony tryed to cut some money in development of this version to make more affordable, sony dont want the ps3 to be hacked and since the otheros would be hack-able i think they put the hypervisor on top of it, but in the slim they tryed to cut off some money. Thats why.

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    reyesfan207 Guest

    Slim Line PS3

    Is there anyway with the new slim line PS3 to get Linux on the system? I want to know because the reason I bought the PS3 was because I thought we could install Linux on it and I want to use the Blu-Ray drive to rip my movies to my computer.

    Is it possible at all to take the HDD out and partition it and install YellowDog by chance?

    Are can you use an external HDD and boot from that at all? Or is the functionality for an OS to be loaded not possible?

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    Chivafighter Guest


    From My Knowledge , when Sony removed the Other OS option, they removed the Other OS hyper-visor drivers. Meaning the Hard drive itself would not make any difference but its more in the Mainboard. Thats my conclusion though, i could be wrong.

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    r3pek Guest


    Guys, stop trying to find a way to install linux on a slim. it ISN'T possible!!!

    Sony cut everything that allowed it to run. So, unless the ps3 is hacked, the slim version won't be capable of running linux.
    If anyone wants a ps3 to run linux, buy a fat.

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    Mathieulh Guest
    This wont work, this is a registry setting which is stored on the flash.

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    sapperlott Guest
    Just wait and see. Rumor has it that OtherOS was only left out because they didn't want to spend the testing effort for the HV running on the new Slim HW because of tight budgets. If the slim sells well and they start shoveling money again we might see OtherOS return to the Slim as well.

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    jai Guest
    i'm pretty curious to see what happen if i decrypt the disk image of my fat (obviously with linux installed) and then copy it, properly re-encrypted, to a slim console.

    PS: HI ALL! this is my first post

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    sapperlott Guest
    You could try that but that has nothing to do with OtherOS which is located in Flash as stated above.

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    AerialX Guest

    PS3 Slim + Linux

    I too have a Slim and would love to have the option of running Linux. Obviously, this isn't happening right now.

    I'm wondering what would happen if you were to install a lower version of the firmware onto a Slim; one that predates the Slim so that there may not be a model check that would be disabling the Other OS option in the first place.

    There may be issues with this though, since the "official" statement says the reason for no Other OS on the slim is because they didn't want to put effort into writing the hypervisor drivers for the hardware... So maybe that firmware on a Slim is just a brick waiting to happen.

    Does the Infectus downgrade method still work? Or even if there are no current downgrade methods, what do you think would happen if you tried it?

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