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Thread: Original psjailbreak error, Need Help!

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    fabiosimoes Guest

    Original psjailbreak error, Need Help!

    I have an original psjailbreak and I'm in big trouble when I received about a week I tested and played over and over again, but now when I try to get her to run the ps3 does not detect and the LEDs will blink! does anyone know the resolution to this problem?

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    daveribz Guest
    1. You updated your PS3

    2. You're not cutting the power of the PS3

    3. Disc in drive? Other USBs connected to your PS3?

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    genius312 Guest
    As Daveribz said, you probably updated your PS3 to the new firmware (you should turn off the autoupdate option) Or you forget to remove the cable from your PS3 (or switch off from the fat PS3). If you have no disc in the drive, you will still be able to boot the PS3 with your jailbreak !

    I can't see how your key would have stop working !!!

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    fabiosimoes Guest
    Im doing everything right, for example, before when still worked, if I do not cutting the power or have Disc in drive, or have other usbs, beside the psjailbreak, the led just was red, but now for some reason that I cant figure out, now the light blink, later on Im going to try it in my friend ps3, to see what happen... and yes I have the 3.41 installed and also Internet connection disconnected...

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    hassekf Guest
    try other usb port, see if there is any other thing connect on the other usb. Take off all, leave just the breaker on it, but, only connect it when the power is cut off. then plug the power again with the breaker on it.

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    fabiosimoes Guest
    already then that over and over and over, im going crazy

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    hassekf Guest
    test in other ps3, if it still don't work, maybe the problem is in the breaker.

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    fabiosimoes Guest
    yes, later on I will do that, then i inform you guys, thanks

    I talked to my supplier and Im going to send back my jailbreak =(

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    werbung Guest
    hi, i have the same problem... also a original psjailbreak, work fine 3 weeks ago. next day i try it again and now the stick stuck in the bootsequenz... green/red led light is on and no blink...

    ps3 boot normal up and tell me a unknown usb device...

    i think the stick is broken, or anyone have a idea?

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    d3rkn3t Guest
    i'm experiencing the same problem? kinda need some help here...

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