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    Open PS2 loader on PS3 problem help?

    I run open ps2 loader .iso on my rogero 4.46 cobra and it is run ok the problem is:

    I don't know how to run game on it... I put game files (that are converted by usbutil) on the root of flash drive (also the root of ps3 HDD) but the game are not shown in open ps2 loader list.

    So... is there another location to put game files in to be shown on open ps2 loader ?

    I know that I can run ps2 iso game from multiman immediately ... but I want to play crash twinsanity which doesn't work by this way... (it was work on my ps2 on open ps2 loader)

    sorry for my bad English ...

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    For OPL, you have to put DVD ISO files in DVD folder on USB

    And make sure your game is named properly to show up ex: SCUS_973.28.GT4.iso

    Been awhile since I used this program.

    Just re-read your post. Make sure the USB is compatible with your PS3. As games should show installed that way on ROOT of USB

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    yes the usb is compatible with your PS3, this is an images that show everything

    Open PS2 loader on PS3 problem help?-k1iwi5-png

    Open PS2 loader on PS3 problem help?-imifei-png

    the OPL setting

    Open PS2 loader on PS3 problem help?-n9iphv-jpg

    the results of this two Attempt

    Open PS2 loader on PS3 problem help?-xx6iqm-jpg

    and I try to plug usb in the right usb port and also left usb port

    sorry I mean usb was compatible with my PS3 I was copy and paste from your answer

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    Auto should be set to ON

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    there is no ( on option )
    there are : off - manual - and auto

    guys ... anyone know the developer of the OPL.iso ?

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    Why your trying so hard to make it work on ps3 , if its only purpose for u is to start PS2 games on PS3 you will get much better compatibility with PS2 fat , and those days they go literally go for peanuts, and if you will get fat model (even cheaper) and attach network adaptor you can run games from internal hdd and with hacked odsys you can run OPL direct from HDD no memory card needed or FMBC.

    Going even further you can get NA with SATA connector and fit 1.5TB drive in there and move whole your collection to ps2 HDD. And going even further you can get wireless ps2 controller to get free of cables and program universal remote to switch on and off your ps2 and become true couch potato

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