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Thread: Open/non-Sony PSN is possible?

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    BackHome Guest

    Open/non-Sony PSN is possible?

    Is there a possibility for the PS3 to connect to something more like a non-Sony PlayStation Network ? I've never put the console on a network, so I haven't experienced it myself, but from the forum discussions I understand that old PS3 firmwares etc, by default, don't get well with PSN's console detection & banning activites.

    So here are some doubts:

    1. What is the possibility of making the PS3 join some other network ?
    2. Do multi-player games like Unreal really require the PSN ?, In the PC world, all we require is the IP of the server.
    3. Is the PSN really a network, or just basically a console authorization service ?
    4. Do multi-player games work on IP, connecting peer to peer ? or are the packets encrypted and they go via PSN servers ?

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    enotsleachim Guest
    there's a tutorial on xlink kai about how to play ps3 on it.

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    BackHome Guest
    Thanks for letting me know that there is an option to play without PSN!

    Still I haven't understood the role on PSN in a multi-player game like Unreal though...

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    Jes03 Guest
    Some games that are multiplayer require to be connected to PSN to play them. I'm not sure about UT as its been so long since I've played it.

    Only local multiplayer games work with Xlink-Kai so don't expect all multiplayer games to work.

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