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Thread: Open Manager v2.1I-2 installation instructions

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    chaostic Guest

    Open Manager v2.1I-2 installation instructions

    Total noob question im sure but what .pkg file/files do i install on my ps3 to use this version of open manager? When i extracted the rar it has 3 pkg files and some source files. Just wanna make sure I install this correctly. I have a minimus v1 board flashed with hermes v4b.

    The pkg files are as follows:


    There is also some source files in there, which I am assuming are useless to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm still pretty new to all of this stuff. Thanks.

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    Mbb Guest

    That is Open copy manager, I also dont know what is the diffrents between UP0001-OMAN01234_00-0000111122223333.pkg and UP0001-OMAN46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg

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    bugga12 Guest
    UP0001-OMAN01234_00-0000111122223333.pkg - Reads games in the internal drive from OMAN01234 folder

    UP0001-OMAN46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg - Reads games in the internal drive from the OMAN46756 folder.

    As Mbb already said, OCOP46756 stands for the Open Copy Manager.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    UP0001-OCOP46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg is used to copy games and homebrews from hdd external to internal.

    UP0001-OMAN01234_00-0000111122223333.pkg and UP0001-OMAN46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg are the same software, the only difference is that UP0001-OMAN01234_00-0000111122223333.pkg will replace any previoous back manager have the code name OMAN01234, and UP0001-OMAN46756_00-0000111122223333.pkg will replace any previous manager have the code name OMAN46756.

    So, if you have a backup manager liek rogero or any other one, you can install different codename version of the open manager to have in the homebrew list 2 open managers.

    so if you install the 3 packages, you will see 3 applications, where 2 are the same (Open Manager 2.1I-2. and if you install later an anpplication which have the same code of open manager (usually OMAN1234), one of your installed open manager which have the same codename will be overwritten, and the other still.

    They released 2 versions of it to allow you keep original open manager and modded open manager.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Simple they are all the same, just some modders would rather have a jumble of numbers as opposed to 1234.

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