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Thread: Open Manager trouble, help eh?

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    redcell182 Guest

    Open Manager trouble, help eh?

    I backed up all my games using open manager 1.161

    Then I installed Flex Manager cuz it had a good looking GUI, needless to say i ended up going back to open manager. Problem is I can't load any of my back ups, in fact it doesn't even recognize them at all! I see my HDD has them still, but i can't access them. So my question is; is there anyway to get my games back?!?!?! i spent a LONG time backing them all up and i got stupid and im afraid i screwed myself on this one.

    My only theory is possibly backing up my HDD to an external HD, take my homebrew and back ups off the external to my mac, and then restore my PS3 HDD and using FTP to bounce them back over to the internal. am i missing something? could this hypothetically work? im not gonna goof around with this stuff anymore until i can get this fixed. PLZ someone help me out.

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    kamenrider Guest
    so all your games are now on an external drive under /GAMEZ and when you launch open manager with the external drive connected, you cant see any of the games within open manager?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Ok so your games are on internal right, Are you sure Openmanager is set up to use the same folder as your previous manager was,I suspect this is the issue?

    You can try pressing L2+start while in open manager to select different a game folder.

    If that doesnt work what I recommend doing to test this is try moving one game (use a small one!) into one of the other possible Open manager folders and then check if Open manager sees the game,If you cant see the game in openmanager try another folder (eg, If all your games are in Dev_hdd00\Game\LAUN12345\ try move one to the OMAN12345 folder, or vice versa) If there is any other open manager folders in your Dev_hdd00\Game\ try them too! (Normally they will be named ''OMANxxxxx'' or ''LAUNxxxxx'')

    If none of that works you will need to backup your backups off the internal HDD using either Comgenies file manager or FTP server and start again...

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