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Thread: Open Manager problem help?

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    ward76 Guest

    Open Manager problem help?

    Hi there,

    I have the ps3break v1.1 and am running the latest firmware 1.4, with an external 300gb HDD with games on.

    My problem is that the PS3 has stopped seeing the external drive it worked fine up till the other day. I have tried 2 different drives and they are the same but it will see a USB key drive.

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    zeromx Guest
    Can you view your external drive from your xmb?... for example under XMB>VIDEO

    What folder are your games located on your external drive?..

    Depending on the backup manager it various from GAMEZ, BDRIPS, GAMES, etc...

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    ward76 Guest
    I am unable to see it in XMB.

    Games are in the GAMEZ folder, where I have played them from without a problem until now.

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    g0newild Guest
    Try to hookup the hdd on u`r pc

    i had nearly the same problem, my hdd worked perfect till this bad day a week ago i saw under the datamanage menu (my computer <verwalten> /manage? dunno what this is on an english win) that i have to initiate the drive but there was nothing i could do cause the status of my hdd could not be changed to normal mode (create partition etc)

    i try`d all , YEH a LOW LEVEL format too but my thought was the hdd was died

    till i read your post, so i`m very interested if u could bring your hdd back to live or better

    rescue the games too

    g00d luck

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    ward76 Guest
    The hard drives I have tried have been ones that were made by me (old hard put in a case) so I will try it with a Fujitsu Siemens drive that I have and see if that works.

    My Fujitsu drive worked fine so I would recommend to use a manufactured external HDD rather than using one that consisted of an old HDD and a random case.

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