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    open manager no disc help?

    how do i start the game without a disc being inserted? sorry for the stupid questions

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    Oct 2010
    did you see that when you jailbreak the ps3, two new options show up in the XMB ?

    So, one of them is to install app, and the other is for you to play your games without the BD in the drive. So go in the manager, choose the game, then, when it comes back to the xmb, go in that option. I think is have something like APP_PS3 on it. Not sure about that now.

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    no it showed a message saying press L1 and something else i can't remember what it is..

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    Oct 2010
    See what it says, then post here.

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    you need hermes payload jailbreak and open manager, then you load the game in open manager which will send you back to the xmb where you run the game from /app_home/PS3_GAME/

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    ive done tht but will only load when i pput a disc in the drive?

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    are you sure you have hermes payload flashed to your jb device?

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    Please be more descriptive what payload are you using to jailbreak? which backup manager you are using? what game are you trying to play?

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    hermes v3, and im trying to play nba 2k11 without a bootable disc inserted, it works when i insert a disc

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    nba 2k11 only works with a disc inside.

    Not all games work without disc.

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