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    Open Manager Freezing Issues?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm not sure if this has been addressed in a alter release or not (I came up empty while searching).

    I'm running OM v1.13, with a v1 or v2 PSGroove Normal Payload (it is not Hermes).

    When I launch a couple of my games, I've had problems after I press the PS button on the controller. The little "loading" circle appears in the top right corner of the screen and the screen stays dark as though it is trying to access the ingame XMB menu after pressing the button.

    Recently, I copied my White Knight Chronicles game to my external. The game runs fine. But without fail, everytime I press the PS button, the game continues running, but with the loading circle and the dimmed screen. I lose controller functionality as it tries to access this menu but never gets to it.

    I can hold in the PS button and get the menu to quit the game or power of the system and so on. If I try to quit the game, then it just sits there and says "Quitting..." or whatever the PS3 displays.

    I ultimately have to hold the reset sensor on the PS3 (luckily I dont need to flip the switch or pull out the cord).

    Has anyone else had a problem with this game or any other game that always caused this to happen?

    Keep in mind, this is how I can reproduce the problem:

    * External HDD is being used.
    * Open Manager v1.13
    * PSGroove v1
    * FW 3.41
    * FAT 60gb PS3
    * White Knight Chronicles (International Edition NTSC)

    Is there a fix? Has this been address and my lack up of updating hasnt caught this?

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    Hdd corruption...

    Start your PS3 without jailbreaking it. Your console should show up with an info about corrupted HDD. Recover your drive, it's that simple.

    Have fun, write a note if it helped.


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