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    hongman Guest

    Open Manager backup speed help?

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running a BD Backup of Sonic All Stars Racing to my external HDD using Open Manager

    Nearly an hour has passed, 7000 files and only 0.17GB copied.

    Is this speed typical? I thought it'd be much faster than that. Looks like 1000's of small files are making it copy real slow?


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    severusx Guest
    No, that is not normal. What kind of external HD are you using? It's possible that your PS3 only recognizes it as USB 1. I would cancel and try the backup to the internal HD. If you see the same speed then something is wrong with your backup manager. Try MultiMan.

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    hongman Guest
    I don't think it's the external HDD, as copying games to/from Internal <-> External happen pretty quickly.

    I was going to try OM 2.1 first, if that is crap I'll try MultiMan.

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    severusx Guest
    Ok, I've never had any issues with MultiMan, and it had a nice feature set and update schedule. If that doesn't work post back, if it does please mark your question as answered. Good luck!

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    hongman Guest
    If I update OM from 1.17.1 to 2.1, do I need to backup/rename the LAUN12345/Gamez folder (that's where my games are stored currently)?

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    severusx Guest
    No you shouldn't, it will just write over the necessary files. If you decide to go with MultiMan, you can move your backups out to hdd_0\GAMES and then you dont have to worry about updates overwriting your backups. If you are worried about OM though, I would use an FTP program to move your GAMEZ folder temporarily just to be safe.

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    hongman Guest
    Thanks. Will report back tonight after my son gets off it!

    Well, an upgrade didnt sort it, however, I think its actually disc related. I put in another game (Wet) and it ripped as fast as I expected using OM.

    Thank you

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    jamdobbs Guest
    Hi, it's due to the number of small files on the game i had the same trouble with destroy all humans it took over 2 hours to back up and is only 17gb and backed up 40 gb games in less than half the time ie god of war 3 with same back up manager just be patient it will work in the end also if you delete the game it takes just as long to delete due to the number of files.

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