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Thread: Open Manager 2.1I external HDD help?

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    STONEMC Guest

    Open Manager 2.1I external HDD help?


    I have a problem with the Open Manager. I want to copy some splitted games from my external hdd to the internal. But after installing the OM 2.1I I can't see my games on the external in it. What's the reason? Do I have to put the games in a special folder on my external hdd? I can see them in MULTIMAN... but not in OM.

    Can Multiman merge files which are splitted with Opensplit?

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    Open Manager 2.1I uses the GAMEZ folder by default.

    multiMAN can see most folders when you set it up in the .ini and yes it can also merge/join split files.

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    STONEMC Guest
    Thank you. It works.

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