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Thread: Open Manager 2.1 gets stuck and doesn't launch games?

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    Goodoltom Guest

    Open Manager 2.1 gets stuck and doesn't launch games?


    II have Open Manager 2.1, my problem is whenever I launch any games with Open Manager it just shows black screen. If I press PS Button while in Open Manager, my ps3 hangs. Then I have to turn it off manually and start it again. I can't able to launch/play any game now.

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    cackalack Guest
    are you talking about every game you launch or just the new ones, and are you trying to boot direct or do you exit to xmb first and also what device and payload are you using?

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    graeme1982 Guest

    same problem

    I have the exact same problem i am using gaia manager and ps3 break v1.1 it was working fine one munute then next it won't load any games. old new whatever it just freezes at the ps3 xmb menu.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Conflicting mangers and payloads. Dongles with out proper configuration, ie; hermes v4 payload or the latest that you are using will cause this. Re flash your dongle or mod chip board with a fresh download of the payload of your choice.

    Then download OPM 2.1 D <- 90% backup success rate. Multimanager v10.10 ( latest) works great. Your Ps3break dongle should work fine with these managers. I pop in the old ps3 break v1.0 all the time to see what its factory payload can handle.

    I use Blackcat mod chip, and own ps3break v1.1 Please understand you may have a bad downloads or conflicting payloads.


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