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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Online ID Query

    I have been on my PS3 trying for an hour now to get an online ID that the PS3 network will accept. everything is connected fine and I have also "system updated" the PS3 via internet. The wireless router is recognised by PS3 and I have tested the internet connection in the PS3 settings mode.

    I fill out all the network signup preamble and it doesn't matter what name I choose for my online ID however norma, obscure or crazy, starting with letter, between 3 -16 characters etc, it tells me it cannot be used and to choose another online ID.

    Anyone else going demented or have I missed something obvious here?

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    PS3 Square Button

    Try using underscores instead of spaces it worked for me

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    I had the same problem at one time and went direct connect to my router. It worked. But from all rational perspective it doesn't matter whether the internet is wireless or wired, so technically it shouldn't make a difference. But it does applied, perhaps just resetting internet when I went to wired fixed it. But there's some thoughts to add to the symbols ideas.

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