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Thread: One YLOD PS3 and one PS3 with 3.50 FW help?

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    Chrunchy Guest

    One YLOD PS3 and one PS3 with 3.50 FW help?


    So, i´ve got an old 60gb EUR fat PS3, which broke down for me about one year ago - the problem is YLOD (bought a PS3 slim at that time, which works fine with PS3key).

    About 14 days ago, my friend gave me his fat PS3 60gb with FW 3.50 which have a broken BD drive, so i could swop the BD drive with the one from my own YLOD PS3 - this seems to work fine but - the PS3 is with 3.50 FW

    Now i was wondering where the Firmware is stored on the Playstation (obvioulsy not on the harddrive), so i could take that specific part from the YLOD PS3, and swop the part to the functional fat ps3 with FW 3.50

    Is this by any chance possible? I´ve been reading on the internet that they need people with FW 3.15 or something like that, to be able to get the PSdowngrade working and also the unplayable GT5 - therefor it would be sweet if i could get the part swopped and working, cause i believe that my YLOD PS3 havent been updated for somehing like 1.5 years now.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the not-so-good english typin´

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    EiKii Guest
    well AFAIK just swapping drive wont work? or will it? i thought the drive "key" or similar would not work with another PS3, locked to the ps3 unit it shipped with, i might be wrong tho,

    about where the fw is stored, on newer consoles its partially on the hard drive but "core os files" is stored on a flash on the MB, NAND or something like that, and that would be quite hard i imagine to swap, and no idea if it would actually work,

    you could get the YLOD MB repaired imo, pref re-balled at professionals (expensive but is more reliable) or alternative re-flow it with heatgun method (cheap and probably less reliable then re-balling it, neitherless it worked for alot of people and if done right the ps3 could run for years)

    Hope it clears somethings up, Good Luck.

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