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    Mugiwara256 Guest

    Confused Old Consoles Hacking vs the PS3 help?

    I am writing this post for one reason: Clarifying the newbie confusion as to how to play and copy backup PS3 games from a HDD.

    I remember the days when all one had to do was install a modchip on a console in order to play backups. However it seems that this might be a little different with the Playstation 3.

    So here is what I have learnt so far (correct me if I am wrong)... Before playing PS3 games from a HDD, one has first to hack into their PS3. This hacking is what is referred to as jailbreaking. Jailbreaking can be done with USB devices that are sold around the net. e.g: PS jailbreaker, ecliPS3. There are even ways of doing it with the Ipod. All one has to do is follow the tutorial.
    *Please note that playstation 3s with a OFW > 3.55 cannot be jailbroken.

    After jailbreaking the ps3 one has to install a CFW, and a backup manager onto the PS3 internal HDD. In addition one must have a loader such as multiman in order to load the PS3 backups into the PS3 HDD. I have a bit of a problem here, can games only be ran from the PS3 internal HDD, or can they also be ran from an external HDD.

    Basically here's my point, if all the above is true then that means that it's not necessary to open my PS3 like I did the PS2 or PS1 in order to play backup games from the HDD. This means that the Infectus2, and Progskeet are only necessary to downgrade my console. (Does that mean I can remove them after downgrading ? Sorry but I don't understand what all the NOR/NAND mean). Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Natepig Guest
    If you have a ps3 with firmware 3.55 or below then you don't need to use any dongle to jailbreak anymore you can just install a cfw from usb stick for free. The ps3 is mostly exploited via software if below 3.55 and hardware such as progskeet are only required, like you said already, to downgrade back to 3.55. Some games work from internal, some from external, but you should use the latest version of multiman to load your backups.

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    Denida Guest
    You can hack the PS3 without a JB device through CFW, other than that you are correct.

    Progskeet and the likes are used to downgrade from 3.70 OFW.

    So yes, you do not need to open the PS3 to "Hack" it.

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    Mugiwara256 Guest
    Thank you very much for your prompt and clear answer. It clarifies a lot of confusion I was having.

    There is one thing I still don't get, what's the point of jailbreaking then if you can just go ahead and install CFW, followed by the backup manager and the loader...

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    Denida Guest
    It was the only way to hack a ps3 at first, and at 3.41 cfw and below it was still needed to run backups..

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    very true.

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