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    xanthro Guest

    Odd PS3 restore screen help?

    I got a odd restore screen after a game freeze n fall out new vegas. my system is not jail broken its all oem on 3.50 phat 80 giger. i hit the power butten to turn it off and like on all frozen game screans, it took a moment longer to turn off. i hit the power butten again to turn it back on but for S&G i hit the eject butten as well like in a jail brake vid to see what happens. (least this is how i think it went down) anyway, i get this unhappy lookin black screan TELLING me to plug my controler back in and hit ps butten, no "you turned off ya system wrong, don't do that next time"

    so i did as it said, a few options came up like restore system, this that and the other... feering i may mess it up i hit reset, boots fine now like oem... but i'm trying to recreate this to see what all was realy there... i hit power then eject like you would in jail break but not releasing the power butten, it beeps ones and the green light blinks ones, it also takes a moment longer to get back to the XMB and it swaps over to XMB like some one hit a toggle switch on a multi-input box (i don't have one btw).

    anyone else ever get this? know what this is? anything would help

    k nm i found out how to do it, sry

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    cackalack Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xanthro View Post
    k nm i found out how to do it, sry
    it's not odd just the hidden recovery menu simply acquired by holding the front power button till it goes off leave go then press and hold again till you hear beep-beep-beepbeep leave go screen message will tell you to plug controller via usb and ur back to the recovery menu, unless there's something wrong with your ps3 don't bother with it.

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