i dont live in the usa but i got a user which connects to the ps store of usa.
i managed to purchase a few games using my brother's american express (he lives in the us)

anyways.. everything worked fine, i had the starter pack when i downloaded, and afterwards i deleted it and started playing some other games.. when i came back to the menu it wasnt there. i can see under "Game data utility" the nucleus icon, when pressing on information it reads the size, not the version nor details (dont know what that means).

when i install it, i see the icon showing for a second, and then it disappears.
anyone have any idea of whats the cause of this problem? i tried resetting the ps3 of course, deleting, redownloading from the store, logging in and out, putting the rj45 cable out&in..

thought of contacting the community first before sony..