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Thread: NTFS on PS3?

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    acelove Guest

    NTFS on PS3?

    Hi guys,

    very new to homebrew/mods on PS3 - Handled the Wii fairly well, so thought i'd give this a try with Geohots update

    I'm not sure if this has been done with the other CFW with 3.41, but I was wondering if NTFS drives could now be read with CFW?

    The main reason is with HD movies, at the moment i'm using PS3 to VOB, splitting and converting MKV with is a slight pain sometimes.. If not, what is the alternative? Maybe play MKV's?

    Also as well, if/when back ups are able to play from externals, how would that work if you put backups on to a FAT32 drive?

    Hope that's not asking a lot lol


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    Mbb Guest
    If I am right it will not work, it was already hard to make NTFS work on apple systems, it would be even harder to get it work on the PS3.

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    acelove Guest
    Ah really? that's a bummer, shame too

    What about MKV?

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    Mbb Guest
    Hmm mayby that is possible, since you need only the good video codec, i'm not sure about it though, but it would be nice , after backups on the first place

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    acelove Guest
    Exciting times!

    Cheers mate

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