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Thread: Nothing works after downgrading PS3 help?

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    skotlin Guest

    Nothing works after downgrading PS3 help?

    I downgrade ps3 cech2004b but nothing work, i try gaia but only black screen, then i try dehash and install pass good but when try power console its brick, so i unbrick it and downgrade again and now is on rogero 3.1 but nothing works. bd is connected all time (only laser is broken)

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    elser1 Guest
    maybe try using multiman.. most people would say its by far the best manager.

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    skotlin Guest
    won't work. i try install ofw 3.55 and when come on 37% installing just stop and brick.

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    racer0018 Guest
    How are you applying the update. Walk me through what you are doing and I will be able to help. Thanks.

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    skotlin Guest
    like this:

    1: make some backups of console bios from 4.11 with E3 -3 times and check it
    2: downgrade console to rogero v3d (i mess up an put 3d not 3.1) but nothing work gaia, multiman...
    3: try to install OFW and brick- unbrick on 4.11bios because i forgot backup after downgrading.
    4: i can't remember how many times i brick and exactly all ways what i'm doing but i cant install any fw correctly.
    console start installing (with lv2diag in factory service mode) but then fail, and when i start console it work but black screen and then i put lv2diag to get out of factory but then brick, after i unbrick with 3.55bios and work BUT WHEN I START CONSOLE I HAVE PIECE OF THAT FW who's actually fail. i see that because i try to install rebug 3.55.2 and i have they logo, activated QA flag but normally nothing works.

    just meant: i got this console with broken bd i think is laser lens,bd load and eject disc but no spin. and now what if somebody change bd already but didn't remarry it? now i again unbrick console and now its on rogero but apps not work.

    here is my nor dump if somebody want to look at it:

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    niwakun Guest
    you will get brick if you try to install a 3.55 OFW on your downgraded console (maybe other firmware as well except the highest firmware that you have installed on your PS3), since the PUP file you just used dont have nocheck, which is essential on PS3 that is downgraded using a flasher.

    If you want to enjoy 3.55 goodies again all you have to do is this:

    PS3 OFW (latest either 4.11 or any firmwares that is unjailbreakable) >> Patch BIOS to allow downgrade (using E3 Flasher or Progskeet) >> Enter Factory Service Mode >> Install Step 1 with 3.55 CheckOff PUP >> Boot PS3 see System Information (must be in 3.55 now) Install Step 2 ()>> Boot PS3 again and it will be out in FSM

    Now to get rid this checkoff:

    Install Step 1 (for 3.55 this time) and 3.41 special downgrade PUP >> Boot PS3, you're on 3.41 now >> Install Step 2 >> Youre out in FSM now >> Format flash drive and place a 3.55 OFW this time >> Install it in legitimate way (through XMB without FSM) >> Wait and whoala, your on 3.55.

    Once you done that youre SYSCON should be in 3.55 again (not in 4.11 or something) so you can install other 3.55 Custom firmware flavors again without getting bricked.

    Note; Not applicable on PS3 that cant support lower than 3.41 (please use MinCheck PUP to check it)

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    skotlin Guest
    but i think that my syscon is on 3.55 (if this what i'm thinking about), because when i got screen with: press ps button and then start+select to install 3.55FW. and console always ask me for 3.55 even if was on 4.11 before downgrading. sorry if i wrong understand you, correct me if i wrong.

    and one more question: if i use ofw ie 3.41 or 3.55 can i do checkoff with ps3mfw and if what option i must set?

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    racer0018 Guest
    If the ps3 is asking For that firmware and have tried to downgrade, then I take you put it in service mode buy using a dongle or something to get it into service mode by putting it I the USB closest to the Blu-ray and press power button followed by the eject button right away.

    It will then shut it self off and then put the step 1 lv1 file and the Cfw you would like to use on an USB and put it in the USB closest the Blu-ray. Wait for it to turn off and then put the lv1 file for step 2 in and then it will boot. Is this what you are doing. Thanks

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    skotlin Guest
    But every fw brick console. I'm stuck somewhere.

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