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    mrkhbbs Guest

    Smile noob needs help plz

    i've just got a ps3 and iv heard that their is a software around that will let me watch xvid and avi files from my ps3,could someone plz let me know what this software is called and where i can get it from.

    Also i've looked around on the site and can't find the answer i'm looking for but could someone plz let me know how i would get the files from my p.c to ps3 plz. I hope i've asked these questions in the right section.

    Thanks for any help

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You may want to check the PS3 Downloads for software.. if it's available, it gets posted there (usually under the PS3 Homebrew/Utils category).

    As for transferring files to your PS3 from the PC, there are many ways to do it including burned via CDR/DVDR, FTP, USB JumpDrive, and Media Servers (Vilvic, Red Kawa, etc) to name a few... which are also in the PS3 Downloads section.

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    Siptang Guest
    actually dude... just update to the latest version of FW update.

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    31ken31 Guest
    Are you trying to say.... Stream a movie so it can be watched on the pc instead of the computer monitor??? or music files??? When help is needed specifics make things so much easier.

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    mrkhbbs Guest
    sorry im on about watching a hd movie or hd serias from my p.c to my ps3

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    31ken31 Guest
    tversity does a very nice job in my opinion and can be found here:


    You have to have a router by the way

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    mrkhbbs Guest
    iv got a wireless router ill give it a go thanks for all ur help

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    Siptang Guest
    ahh crap i didn't get the last sentence. Sorry for the wrong answer dude.

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    31ken31 Guest
    No problem man good luck with it.. Any other issues streaming videos just ask away

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    ogsa Guest
    you can also copy files from pc to ps3 using tversity, got to the file you want via media server on ps3, click triangle then copy.

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