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Thread: noob needs help with managers?

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    bostonoob1 Guest

    noob needs help with managers?

    what i want to know is how to install gaia 1.03.1, when i dl gaia and om (i forget which version) i see either 2 .pkg files (gaia) or 1 .pkg file and a folder full of files (om) so how do i install a single program that has 2 pkg files? do install them both? and if i do does it matter which order i install them in?

    and what about if i dl a manager and there is a .pkg file and a folder with a bunch of files? do i just put the folder and .pkg file on the root of my usb and install the .pkg? or do i need to move the folder on to the internal hdd or does it do it for you when you use the .pkg to install it? it would really help if someone could clear this up thanks.

    maybe i need to clairify what i mean since 40 people looked at this and i got no replies
    how do i install gaia 1.03.1?when i download it i see 2 .pkg files one ends in rips and one ends in games ,do i install both .pkg files?and if i do, does it matter which 1 i install first ?or can i do it in any order?
    i also downloaded openmanager (i forget which version)when i unzip the file i see 2 things
    a .pkg file and a folder that has some files in it,how would i install this?do i just put the .pkg file and the folder on the root of my usb drive ,then go to install package under games in the xmb and just install the pkg file and im done?or do i have to do something with the folder too,like move it ,or copy it somewhere?can someone please help explain this ,thanks
    sorry for double post but there is no edit button

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    Cevapi Guest
    The order doesn't matter. Just put the .pkg files ONLY on your USB. And install them by going to "Install package files" on your PS3. They should be on the XMB after it is installed.

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