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    kingher Guest

    Noob grace the spot

    Hello all, King stopping in to grace the spot. Hoping to have some good knowledge and general tips while here. I currently own a PS3 and Xbox360 and both are broke (cheap parts cause problems) The laser on both systems are gone and they are past warranty. So I will be fixing them myself. I want to upgrade the PS3 from 40GB to 60GB and wanted to know if everything( motherboard, laser, hard drive) will need to be replaced to have backwards compatibility.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    first....sounds like a story for me *no offence meant*

    and second you can not upgrade a 40gb PS3 to a 60GB PS3. Impossible !!!

    You only can change the hdd of a 40gb PS3 to a 60gb hdd. But you never will get a 60gb PS3 becouse of hardware difference. So backwards compatiblity on 60gb PS3īs depends on the emotion engine and reality synthesizer chip. So in you're case you will need a 60gb PS3 Motherboard and than maybe you will have troubles with the BD-D because of FW difference between PS3 BD FW and the BD-D FW.

    $ony plans to release a future update for software backwards compatiblity but no one knows when this will be.

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    imec Guest
    I never heard that Sony was planning on re-instating backwards compatibility. Would you like to share the source?

    Furthermore, it's not possible to upgrade your PS3 for backwards compatibility (the original launch units actually had the Emotion Engine chipset built in). Furthermore, software emulation seems extremely unlikely due to the complexity of the PS2/PS3.

    If Sony does ever release a PS2 software emulator it will rip a hole in the space time continuum.


    Ah, sorry. I might have misread your statement. Did you mean you need specific models in order to make your PS3 run again? I've never heard of someone splicing parts but I highly doubt it will work (someone correct me if I am mistaken).

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