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Thread: Noob Coding Help?

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    cfwprophet Guest

    Big Grin Noob Coding Help?

    Hi guys!

    Like the most of you know im not a learned coder but love to computer and learn more.

    So it comes that i have made/developed some little help full things.

    One of the most spreaded are my Universal Unbrick Disk´s and the RescueMii-CORE for the Wii.

    At last i have released a batch tool called PS3 PKG Tool.And now i want to reach a higher level and want to code a Gui version.

    But there are so many tuts out and all i have found doesnt really explain how VB code or something else to code a Gui version works.

    There for i want to ask if some one of the coders/developers here can guide me to a good tut about coding with VB or how to code a gui.

    THX cfwprpht

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    There are tons of ebooks out there for this very thing. I do have a website i can recommend for getting ebooks of this nature. Its a forum, so u will need to register. I will send you a link on your visitors page. Register and check out the E-Books & Tutorials section of the forum, a simple search will return tons of VB ebooks.

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