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Thread: no xmb after bd breakdown update?

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    EiKii Guest

    Unhappy no xmb after bd breakdown update?

    Hiya ppl,

    i have a question regarding a ps3 40gb model, the thing is that my laser worn out long time ago have been thinking of getting it fixed but it havent comed around, i did buy a new one instead but now seems like a good time to get it fixed, anyway my problem is that when it broke down i removed the bd from the console cuz i was thinking to get it fixed so i used the ps3 without the drive in it worked fine until an xmb update it crashed during that.

    Probably it was becouse there was no drive in it, but when i put the drive in i cant get it to install any xmb at all, have been trying all kinda things from the "recovery menu" but no luck.

    does anyone have any ideas if something else broke in the console or why it won't install, do i need a firmware or something on a usb stick or something similar?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well as far as i know ur PS3 has been bricked, corrupted nand maybe, and if recovery menu didnt help then its highly unlikely can be fixed by anyother then SONY.

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    EiKii Guest
    oh that would suck, can it be bricked becouse running update without the player in? :S i'm gonna do some more testing soon as it was long time ago see if i come up with something new and what it stalls on etc

    is there anyway to be certain that's the case?

    its it possible that sony fixes it with their jig and some pks reflashing the NAND?if so it might be fixable in the near future with JB and allthat?just a thougt @work gonna look into the ps later

    *.pgk/.pup not .pks lol

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    EiKii Guest
    yo again, good news i mananged to get it to run, deassembled it and removed the battery and put back up again, dunno if it had anything to do with it working as i was just about to give up in recovery menu after several restarts of serius error contact sony for help, but the last time he actually was able to format the disk and load in the firmware from the usb stick so its up running on 2.53 firmware now now i only need to throw my laser in for replace and good to go with a "jb exploit"

    thanks anyhow for the replys if anyone is encountering same problem error "hdd loop" post and i might be able to help ya


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