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Thread: No Search Function for Retail PSN PKG Links?

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    NTA Guest

    No Search Function for Retail PSN PKG Links?

    I tried searching for certain games such as spyro which i saw in the list but if i use the search function for it nothing comes up.

    Does anyone know if nba showtime: nba on nbc is available in pkg format?

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    saviour07 Guest
    Yeah the Search function in that part of the forum isn't great, I tend to either search using the first couple letters I want to search for (i.e. Spyro = sp) or search by type ("Full" seems to work great in the searches!)

    Anyway, here's a link for all things NBA:

    And here's a link for all things "Show":

    Short Answer is that it doesn't look like NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC is there.

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    CJPC Guest
    Thanks for catching the bug. It seemed whenever there was only one result, it would not show (although, it pulled fine from the database).

    It is fixed now - but unfortunately I do not see that specific PKG.

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    saviour07 Guest
    CJ - if anyone comes across any more defects then should they report them directly to you?

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    Apr 2005
    Yes, you can PM myself or CJPC to let us know of any new issues, or post them in our ongoing "2011 Suggestions" Sticky thread in the Console News section. Thanks again!

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