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    dan1980 Guest

    Question No PS3 disc displayed help?

    when i put a disc in the system, it accepts it okay, seems like it's trying to read it, then after 10-15 seconds it sounds like it is trying to eject the disc, but the disc stays in the drive. the bubble icon spins, but no disc is displayed on the xmb. it does not give any error message.

    i can hit the eject button and it comes out scratch-free. it does the same thing on all my game. same goes for dvds - they make the "false eject" sound and won't register.

    can anyone help me and let me know if it is the hole drive or the board in the drive ?

    i have it jailbroke to 3.55 kmeaw and have a game on the hdd but when i try to start it i get 80010017 Can’t start Blueray Game (looked at all the codes) it does the same thing if i get the game in th bdr to pick it up

    sorry for the short story... thank for any help.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Try cleaning the lens if that doesn't work the lens will need replaced

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    dan1980 Guest
    ya i tried that so i will need a need a new lens

    i will need a new lens... lol thanks for the help

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