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    themanpyp813 Guest

    No PS3 blu-ray with 3.55 kmeaw black screen help?

    no matter what i do i get a black screen. I have tried everything plus more, I've tried rebug and Kmeaw, with no success, and install them the right way, with installing ofw 3.55 first then cfw3.55, i have used PS3MFW to make my own pup file to bypass blu ray update, within .pup file, so it won't give me a error when it reaches 50% or higher.

    i do this to install a firm ware because my bluray drive is broken, i basically don't have a drive. but it still install correctly, i think when it comes down to it, if anyone doesn't have a bluray drive or a working drive, custom firm wares will work but it won't let you access pkg file, so you get black screen of deaf, lol

    so if anyone has any ideas on how to get black screen to go away please help remember i have no blu ray drive connected, but i am still able to install custom firm wares, please help

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    I'm not too sure what you are asking or saying. Are you saying when you go to install pkg files on the xmb you get nothing but a black screen?? I would say to install XMB_Manager_Plus_v0.10 which you can get here: http://www.mediafire.com/?c1yzarmcc94lxj2

    but you wont be able to install it can you install a pkg file straight from multimans file manager just try to click on any pkg file and it should ask if you want to install the pkg.

    Let me know if I was correct and if that is what you are saying is wrong with your ps3 you click install pkg files and you get a black screen... for info the usb flash drive you have pkg files on needs to be formatted to fat32 or it will not read any pkg files and will stay on the black screen are you able to press circle and it goes back to xmb if so that may be the case.

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    what model ps3 do you have?

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