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    chrishamilton Guest

    no disk compatibility list?

    i would like to see a no disk compatibility list only games that work off a fresh install should be counted as working fine.

    Bayonetta (working fine)
    Dark sector (working fine)
    LOTR Aragorn's quest (working fine)

    3D dot game heroes (crash to xmb)
    Bioshock 2 (crash to xmb)
    heavy rain (crash to xmb)
    Resident evil 5 (crash to xmb)
    Start the party (crash to xmb
    The saboteur (crash to xmb)

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    Apr 2005
    This is not a question, however, you have to submit them to the main list and add the Mod you used in the notes.

    At some point we will refine/tweek the list, but right now things are changing too rapidly to bother with every loader update available.

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