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Thread: No audio in PS3 Jailbreak?

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    vodevil Guest

    No audio in PS3 Jailbreak?

    I have audio in the main menu, but when I load a game (Fifa 2011, PES 2011 for example) I have no audio. In other games like Infamous, Sports Champions I have. It's a bit odd

    By the way I use Optical output, but I have also tried with HDMI, but I still got no audio.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    PS: I have read this topic, but it's not the same mistake I think. (

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    foebar Guest
    Maybe you can fiddle with the audio setup of the PS3 itself?

    Disable Dolby digital and DTS and see if there is audio on the HDMI then?

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    kLAcK Guest
    I haven't had an audio problem like you describe, but try limiting your options like the person above said.

    Yes try only going with 44khz stereo

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    annihil8tion Guest
    I have had a similar issue but I changed some of the audio settings of the TV itself.

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