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    ModderFokker Guest

    Ni No Kuni on PS3 CFW help?

    Hello my dear chaps... after a long break from the ps3 i came back to try and play Ni No Kuni.

    After catching up with the news i installed the latest Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.05 over my 3.55 cfw. Also installed Iris Manager 1.60 Beta 2 and the latest multiman (+updates).

    Here's the thing how the hell do i start Ni No Kuni. I've got it on external and on the internal drive as well but after fiddling with some settings. (disc required,direct boot,etc) it now give a trophy loading error.

    If anyone here has the game as well and has it working could they please mention what settings theyre using.

    Thx in advance !!!

    Update: Using the game on external drive and Multiman (and external highlighted) passed the trophy error and its installing now).

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    Nogitsune Guest
    i know its irrelevant, but you might want to convert your BD version to PSN version. by swapping files and applying PSN fix. i've heard the BD version doesn't work well on HDD, so it might give quite a bit of problems, thought i'm not sure the trophy error is one such problem.

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    kingsora831 Guest
    As Nogitsune has said. try converting your retail into a psn version (theres guides on how to do this).

    your gonna start running into freezing problems 1-3 hours into the game and it'll continue from there.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    Thanks for the info guys... the big read continues

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    delta12 Guest
    Sadly it is true, It didn't meant to played diskless with cfw. I ended up play with my ofw one with disk.

    Btw converting to psn version also work well.

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