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Thread: NHL 11 Stopped Working help?

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    jamhouse2010 Guest

    NHL 11 Stopped Working help?

    hey everyone, i am having trouble with my nhl 11 backup. when i originally backed up this game, it would give me a blackscreen on startup. one day it decided to start working for no apperent reason.

    my only thought was it might have worked when i updated to hermes 4b payload but now it has stopped working again. i keep getting blackscreen, can anyone help. i have tried different payloads, managers internall and external and idk why it just stopped working.

    i didn't change any game files or anything. i guess i'll just mess with the param.sfo untill i figure something out.

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    elser1 Guest
    thats strange eh!! i'd probably delete game data and try reinstall (if it has one) if this fails then save game save data to usb then delete all data and nhl11game off ps3 and ext hdd and ree rip your disc and see how that goes...

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