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    hongman Guest

    NFS: Undercover Game Saves not being recognised?

    Hi all,

    So I owned NFS: Undercover a while ago, and played it to 94% completion before I got bored of it and lost the disc -.-

    I acquired a JB'ed copy and even though I can see my game save in my profile, when I start the game it doesn't find it.

    Any ideas?

    Not too fussed about this game in particular, but there are several games I am quite a way through which I plan on ripping to the HDD and keeping the discs safe. But I dont want to spend hours ripping my discs to find none of them recognise my game saves from playing via the disc!

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    stonkiller250 Guest
    It cloud be the the version that you download is different than the you used to have.

    try to find a version that match with the one you have.

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    krolike Guest
    you can try to use a different manager. For me backup manager recognises some saves whille multiman doesn't...

    Hope that helps and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYBODY !!!

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    stonkiller250 Guest
    Merry Christmas to you, and to everybody too!

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