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    feyce Guest

    NFS Most Wanted DLC Annoyance help?

    Okay, now I'm totally desperate. I searched across the net and only found this DLC unlocker: Need.for.Speed.Most.Wanted.Deluxe.Bundle.DLC.PSN.P S3-DUPLEX

    BUT this one opens EVERY buyable DLC content!! not just the three mentioned in its description (Terminal Velocity, NFS Heroes, Movie Legends) ... And the additional DLCs ruin the whooole gaming progress...

    These are:

    ModSavers 1 Pack
    ModSavers 2 Pack
    ModSavers 3 Pack
    Timesavers Pack

    These unlock all FINDABLE jackspot locations and all EARNABLE mods for cars, so half of the fun from the game has gone.

    Please, I beg someone to help me with either of these:

    - remove these DLCs, OR
    - exclude these DLCs somehow from this unlocker, OR
    - let me find an unlocker which excludes these DLCs

    Ps.: I also interested in having these DLC's package files, but separately from deluxe pack.

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    elser1 Guest
    not sure if you can do it. why not just play with out dlc then use the dlc after you get all upgrades etc.

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    feyce Guest
    because without the DLC I cannot complete the game. There are a lot of new courses and cars in the DLC, and I would like to get all upgrades and jackspot on my own... in this case those mod and jackspot unlocks totally pointless. And I pretty sure I'm not the only one with these feelings.

    I even though about contacting the releaser of the DLC unlocker, but how should I do that?

    Anyone? Any help?

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    elser1 Guest
    exactly my point. finish the game all you want then add the dlc pkg and do all the extra stuff. i finished the game at release time with no dlc. game is ok. but anyway that is one way to do it. it is the easiest and quickest way of you getting into the game.

    or the other way is to just go buy the dlc you want. good luck!

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    feyce Guest
    Okay, i Play through the Game, unlock everíthing I can, and THAN I add the DLC. BUT in the DLC there are additional cars, jackspots and mods I still wanted to unlock. So I'm right back where I started...

    Because the DLC .pkg unlocks totally everything... I'm not arguing, but this is not the solution I'm searching for. And I still don't understand why the duplex team made an all-in-one unlocker, instead of 2 or 3...

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    dyceast Guest
    I had a quick look at the DLC unlocker file

    Unfortunately there are 47 different edat files which most probably unlocks a different cheat, I dont have the game, and wouldnt have a clue which 1 is the annoying 1's and which aint...

    After a quick glance these could possibly be the 3 files you want


    If you go to the game folder and UNLOCKS and then delete the rest, it could work... [This is just a guess]

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