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    hanglaromaps3 Guest

    Angry NFS HP Black screen on Game launch and Disc Icon help?

    i run on Mutilman last version.. it can launch but on Game launch it always show Black screen and disc icon spin.

    I wait so long time. Pls help me. How solve it?

  2. #2
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Did you try using the "Select + X" method?

  3. #3
    hanglaromaps3 Guest
    No my this game is in internal. I don't have external then i press select+X is black screen no show. i want to solve internal in this game. please help me.

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    seang Guest
    are you going into mm game settings?

    have you played it before maybe delete and reinstall

  5. #5
    furientez Guest
    m8 think that bd mirror (select +x) method works only when the game runs from an external drive. try moving it from internal into external and try again.

  6. #6
    hanglaromaps3 Guest
    i don't have external hard drive for ps3 i have internal hard drive only into ps3 system. Have any other solve for fix this game? i want to play it. if don't have other i die within it. pls help without external hard drive?

  7. #7
    HeyManHRU Guest
    Not all games work on the internal HDD, this game is one of them.

  8. #8
    hanglaromaps3 Guest
    how should i do fix other solve fix for this game? i ask you if they don't have external hard drive that mean i cannot play it forever or not?

    why do they doing that method? i want to request if they can do it, i want they do all games can play all hard drive (internal and external) every games every times if they say yes. i say thank if like so that.

    so i have hopeless for it to play... the cool game cannot play within internal.

  9. #9
    HeyManHRU Guest
    I don't know why all games don't work on the internal HDD, if you got a USB flash drive you can put the game on it and play it.

  10. #10
    hanglaromaps3 Guest
    thank you very much nice to meet you on PS3news.com

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