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    Next gen great?

    Is anyone happy with these next gen consoles? I aint. Same games with better textures. Nothings new, its all so boring. They could atlest bring VR helmets with Sixaxis for these games or something like that. And these Hi res Textures do nothing for most games i've found. Everything got clear crisp lines, nothing rough.

    You dont walk around in real life finding a rock clear cut in the dirt? I'm not dissing hi res textures but i think they've come to there pinacle point, but they should focus on the plane sufaces now. I mean you look at the ground and you're looking at a flat suface with a hi res texture. I just dont feel it. I love gaming but i dunno, i'm just dissapointed. They shouldve brought out more interactive components or something.

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    Next gen great?

    i think it is great that the next gen is here! but im also sad due to the fact its put the last nail in the coffin for the arcade days! except for when they come out with the first hologram arcade games. cuz a home console wont be big enough for the hardware at first.that will be i think the come back for the arcade machines

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    Well I disagree, weve seen new franchises this year like mirror edge and dead space, and last year we had resistance and uncharted so I think not everything is a sequel and the sequels some are very good. On 360 we also had new franchises and the wii is "interactive" enough for now.

    I did say this on another post earlier but the next generation is by far the best and consoles have come a long way, compare your ps3 and 360 with your xbox1 or ps2 dashboards, the ps2 could only play dvds and copy save files, and the xbox too nothing more than that. The next generation even the wii have even web browsers on em and chats and video playback, news and when someone says something like the next generation is the same I really dont understand

    Check out the integration and the evolution of the consoles on this gen and you tell me if you are disappointed I cant wait to see what next generation will bring to the table.

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