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    Nov 2013

    Newest PS3 CFW questions help?

    I'm kind of confused at looking at all this information... I just need a pointed in the right direction and I can take it from there... When I registered, I read a post on the 2013 update... but still confused on the most recommended way of doing this...

    My son has an old PS3 with a 3.55 firmware on it... I would like to play games off a hard drive... if it's by swapping out the internal HD or a USB external.

    What do you guys recommend? if it needs a CFW... which one is better.. Rogero or Habib?

    Thanks for the info in-advance. I figured I might be scolded for this post... but I've spent a few hours over 2 days debating on what to do, but I don't want to completely brick my PS3 over something I could have gotten advice over. A little jump start would be helpful...


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    Sep 2010
    There you go , it's just couple posts lower


    Btw. there is other couple posts , in which I did reply just follow crumbs of my posts it will be crystal clear on how to , and there is no new/old method there is always same way

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    May 2012
    I recommend Rogero 4.50.01 though its all the same but i never tried Habib's CFW.

    Check this link: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/r...tealthman-out/

    Latest Multiman is included too so there is no need to look for it.

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    Nov 2013
    Thanks Misiozol... It seems like all your post were really easy to read and understand. That was exactly what I was looking for.... that was my jumpstart! I appreciate it so much.

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