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    Jan 2010

    Newer PS3 CFW questions help?

    I'm on kmeaw 3.55 never downgraded works fine but i want to play newer games. what cfw is the best for playing backups and psn games without patching games?

    i would like to pop in a game back it up and play from external hdd and internal also is any new cfws still downgradeable with special downgrade pup

    phat 60 gig
    kmeaw 3.55
    multiman 4.xx

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    Dec 2012
    I have multiman with kmeaw.

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    May 2012
    I'm using REBUG 4.21.1 with multiman 4.13 because it can decrypt games with 4.25+, as far as i've seen it's the best.

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    Feb 2012
    You can play newer games even on 3.55 kmeaw with EBOOT fixes. Sincerely, It's not worth aiming for 3.55+ unless you have a way to fix your PS3 already, such as flasher or at least a friend who has It. Things such as RSOD can only be fixed by software on 3.55. Is avoiding downloading a few eboot fixes enough reason for you to go to 3.55+ and have a chance of randomly RSODing and wasting a hundred dollars on a hardware flasher? I think not.

    What I do is have 3.55.3 and 4.21.1 Rebug CFW installed, I put both CFWs on my PS3 HDD and activate system update debug, so i can switch between both in 2~3 minutes. When I want to play a game with no 3.55 fix, I switch to 4.21 and before turning off my PS3 I get back to 3.55.

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    Jan 2010
    Thank you bluray that is a good point and easy to do

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