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Thread: newbie question: what about game copy pro?

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    tom4545 Guest

    Exclamation newbie question: what about game copy pro?

    I've read that Game Copy Pro v 2.73 can copy PS3 discs.

    types of copy this program can perform.

    Anyone knows anything about that?
    Thanks in advance.

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    You can copy the discs any number of ways (including the software above).. but it's fairly useless to do so until they are playable, which PS3 copies/back-ups currently aren't yet.

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    tom4545 Guest
    Thank you for the answer

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    MagikRevolver Guest
    I have a question, what prevents a copied game from being played on the console. Why doesn't whatever make it boot copy over? What prevents making a boot to add to the disc? I know there is likely a simple answer to these questions, I've just always wondered.

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    With the PS1/PS2 it was the bytes of data contained on the inner ring of the disc that consumer burners can't burn properly.. they auto-correct the sectors which renders the burns useless (without a hard/soft mod of some type). There is detailed documentation on this in the 1:1 Swap Chat section if you search.

    The PS3 adds into the equasion the hypervisor, which also controls everything that goes on within the console.. so basically yet another hurdle from what people ran into in the PS1/PS2 days.

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