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Thread: Newbie here need help with game issue

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    pacman2k3 Guest

    Red Face Newbie here need help with game issue

    Hello I"m New Here Trying To Find Out Things Work In Here. I Do Have Question Though. My Games Have Been Flashing Lights And Little Thread Lines Have Been Coming Out Of My Charecters Then Sometimes Freeze. I Wanna Know What It Is Why It Does It And How Do I Get It To Stop???

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    kcTfppfX Guest
    Are all cables plugged in completely? Make sure they are plugged in.

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    pacman2k3 Guest

    RE: Post Newbie

    They are all plugged in. It started happening when I switched back from hdmi to standard avi did it plenty of times before but the last time I did it about 3 months ago it started doing it last time I switched cords was because my hd tv went bad do you think it could be something with my hard drive. like a virus or corrupted file or something like that?

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    saviour07 Guest
    wont be a virus, it could be a corrupt disc/save or hard drive. is it happening on all your games or just the one?

    Shouldn't be anything to do with the switching of the hdmi to av (i do it all the time and its fine) it'll be a hardware thing (like the disc or the hdd) or just a corrupt save.

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    pacman2k3 Guest
    so try reformatting my hard drive and it would be ok

    gosh thats gonna suck concidering every thing I have saved on I'll try to save to my cpu for the time being

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