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    dipakb Guest

    Newbie here! Few Qs

    Hi All,

    Thanks in advance for sharing info.

    I'm new here and new in Gaming world. Just bought a PS3 and also found this site with the best info available. I need few pointers here, though I'm not sure whether somebody already asked and was answered already.

    1. I noticed I can search a thread but how do I search a section?

    2. Is any USB keyboard+mouse going to work with the PS3 or do I need to buy something specific? To be precise, I found a cheap Logitech wireless Keyboard and mouse with a USB dongle but it doesn't work!


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by dipakb View Post
    1. I noticed I can search a thread but how do I search a section?
    If you scroll up further you should see a 'Search' button versus the 'Search this Thread' link you are probably referring to.

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    dipakb Guest
    Thanks Boss.

    I was looking for a little more precise section level search. Anyway, that broader search is good enough.


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    dart8771 Guest
    that was helpful

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