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Thread: newbie here

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    x0darkshadow0x9 Guest

    Question newbie here

    is there any new games out there that have really good graphics ?

    my friends told me a couple but im not sure.

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    F4b10 Guest
    well... i think every game for ps3 has great graphics it's a bit too generic question

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    speedy1337 Guest
    Actually it's hard to find a PS3 game with bad graphics.

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    sandytf Guest

    What do you concider to be "good" graphics?

    It really isn't possible to answer the question without telling us what types of games you enjoy and the kinds of graphics that you prefer. Personally, I prefer the graphics in many SNES and psx games to the 3D graphics of "modern" games. I know I am in the minority but Earthbound and Lunar are hard to beat!

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    PescatorePeter Guest
    Uncharted is graphically incredible

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    Signiapwn Guest
    Call Of Duty 4 has great graphics and AMAZING online. Get it for sure!

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    makavelius Guest
    the graphics does not matter, it the entertainment that will keep you for hours playing

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    MuseFan Guest
    Call Of Duty 4 have very nice graphic and its a amazing online game so get it fast

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    wo0kie69 Guest
    Assasins Creed is a pretty game.

    And GTA 4 of course will be good.

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    h3a6c9 Guest
    GTA 4 Rulez is rox!

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