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    Jul 2006
    I just Love Gta IV

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    May 2008
    Can't wait to get my hand on MGS 4.

    Currently playing RS6 : Las Vegas 2 & DMC 4.

    DMC 4 rox tho

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    Apr 2005
    MGS4 will be the one, have been loving the online beta. Although GTA4 should keep you entertained until June when its arrives on our doors.

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    I play about 10 hours with GTA4. It is a great game and the graphics it's very good. you must play this game!

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    I got the GTA III/VC/SA collection set designed for the PS2. Only played GTAIII thus far and it plays well.
    Now that I got GTA IV, it is taking me awhile to adjust to the new control mapping.

    The other game I am playing regularly is Fight Night Round 3. I think it is great.

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    Just got GTA IV... it is quite impressive... I'm crossing my fingers trying to avoid it's first crash

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    Thumbs Up GTA-4 rocks!!! Games look better on an HD TV!!!!

    If you have a good TV all games should impress anyone.

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    Jun 2008
    if you want hours of entertainment, download flOw

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    Flow is ridiculous - it's fun, but there is no complexity to it whatsoever. Might as well just take mushrooms and watch your own hand go back and forth in front of your face while you listen to Pink Floyd.

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    GTA 4.. no game can beat it

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