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Thread: newbie here

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    Kraken Guest
    Heavenly Sword had amazing graphics, and Lair plays at 1080p. I liked the art style in Folklore too, though its not as impressive as the other two. In general your games that are Xbox 360 ports are not going to have as good of graphics as your exclusives.

    Sandytf, I am right there with you about 2d games. While most 3d games of the PS1/PS2 era look jagged and pixelated now, the 2d games with a bit of filtering still look as amazing on a 47'' HDTV as they did when they originally came out. The death of 2D is probably the greatest travesty in the history of gaming.

    As for GTA4, first of all, you haven't played the PS3 version because it isn't out for another 2 days. So you have no basis for saying how awesome it is. The GTA series in general has had graphics that were mediocre at best, but this was required as there is a lot happening and all of it is streaming in realtime. As much as the PS3 and 360 add more power, the game also has even more stuff happening, so I predict the graphics will be nice, but not as good as games with a smaller scale.

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    alechair Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by x0darkshadow0x9 View Post
    is there any new games out there that have really good graphics ?

    my friends told me a couple but im not sure.
    you better check the GTA IV video review... it has some insane graphics!

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    aceth Guest
    Grand Theft Auto 4!!!

    although you'd be lucky to get a copy lol

    and end of may Metal Gear Solid 4!

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    abcmann2k8 Guest
    GTA IV is amazing! But still hard to get

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    Kraken Guest
    I am about 20 hours in to GTA4. It is a great game with an amazing sense of humor, but I stand by my original statement: compared to some of the other games this generation, the graphics are mediocre at best.

    However, when I'm blazing through a bustling city at full speed on a motorcycle, I'd rather things look worse then have a stuttering framerate.

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    consumedrikus Guest
    Have you played uncharted yet? Brilliant graphics.

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    coder24 Guest
    wait for Metal Gear Solid 4

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    pascal073 Guest
    GTA 4 !! best game of 2008

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    SniprSnake Guest
    uncharted is a very stunning on a hd tv

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    edgardo Guest
    Assasins Creed is a pretty game.

    And GTA 4 of course will be good.

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