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    scourge42 Guest
    any one know how to merge sak files?

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    Apr 2005


    There are a few utilities to do it in the Downloads section, or you can use DOS. Below is the link to the utils:


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    B4rtj4h Guest
    I tried some hacking with the Demo of Jericho. I overwrited some files with the files that were on my computer (pc game) But it ended up in corrupted data

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    fransua1981 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pockets69 View Post
    that must be the hypervisor you are talking about... about not being able to crack the ps3...
    hahahah just wait and see... the guys here at ps3news are doing a great job unlocking this beast ill give you 3 months before we can run unsigned code on a retail ps3 not iso loaders but simple code... (don't know if the admin agrees with this time frame but this is just my opinion) i dont know who in the E3 said when the Xbox 360 was anounced "The XBOX 360 is designed to be unhackble" look what happen 5 months or whatever the xbox got hacked ps3 will be no diferent...
    ps3 will be no diferent!? ps3 have a goody security... 1.6 years in the market... and not.

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    staticvoid Guest
    can the ps3 harddrive contents be viewed yet?

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    Apr 2005


    Via Debug PS3 yes- check the PS3 HDD section... here is one thread, for example:


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    Kinata Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by boricuajunkie View Post
    Once it's hacked... just thinking about 8GB ISOs split into 56 .RAR files makes me want to go out and purchase the game!
    That or run over to the closest block buster / video rental retail chain.

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