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    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    That's weird that the has no mention of this. I know its true but usually the JP are on top of things. Are things being withheld from those are designing the site?
    This is the direct link.

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    i just downloaded the USA 1.5 update (could be dumb after hearing about the paradox news) but its okay, nuthin special, u can set one of ur saved images as ur ps3 user icon (not the online 1) and the web browser mouse is a lot faster now... other than that, ummmm...? nuthin much to say (HOPEFULLY paradox will give us some news tomorrow regarding the iso loader with v1.5)

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    lol, been waiting on 1.1 for news on 1.32 working verified...

    Was going to update so that could download demos, etc. quickly - only to find 1.5 already there!

    Getting into Playstation Store now requires 1.5.

    Will wait for new news about loader before moving...

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    Glad I stuck with 1.32

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    Man I just cancelled the download at 89% after reading these threads. I can't get to the PS store but I can surf the web through the browser. Does this mean I can't get online with the games?

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    Well, like most people, I just want to know if 1.5 will be compatible with the loader. I'd like to get back on the PSN, but I guess I'll have to wait for an answer before I consider updating. Hopefully the GODs will let us know.

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    Latest PS3 Firmware Fixes BC Graphical Issues


    COME TO PAPAThe latest PlayStation 3 update has hit for North American users, bringing PS3 firmware to version 1.50. The full change log is, sadly, noticeably absent—please make this available with each update, Sony—but the most noticeable change comes in the form of fixed display of PSone and PS2 games not running in progressive scan mode. That's right. Former eye-poisoning backward compatable games are now fixed. I just popped in Okami and Metal Gear Solid 3, with both displaying on par with their original hardware platforms. In fact, they look pretty fantastic. Amen!

    Excellent news, meaning one less reason to have my North American PlayStation 2 hooked up to INPUT 2 on my HDTV. Thanks for fixing this, Sony!
    still not good enough to make me update!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chouonsoku View Post
    He means that if he doesn't update he won't be able to Resistance online. He doesn't want to update, but he still wants to be able to use the PLAYSTATION Network.
    ima but its all good baby!!

    <------SEE THATS ME SINGING!!! hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by seminolecounty View Post
    ima but its all good baby!!

    <------SEE THATS ME SINGING!!! hehe
    I was going to correct him, honest

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    Well, I tried to get online this morning about 1am and instantly got the update required message. I went ahead and downloaded the update, installed it, and played Resistance until 6am...I am addicted to that game. If you haven't played online, you are really missing out. To get a feel of how intense the action is, you need to play the single player Resistance on hard. The AI of the PS3 is no match for actual human play. Some of those guys are really good. That's what makes it more intense. You can see their rankings and really get a feel of what you are up against.

    I would think everyone is safe upgrading until the Euro launch. As everyone has been saying, why would they release anything until after the Euro launch? As long as $cea doesn't know about any exploits, they probably won't upgrade security measures. Especially if they don't know what is being exploited...I hope they come up with some type of media drive firmware hack as they did the 360. My friend did his and gets on live all the time with no worries.

    You guys that aren't playing PSN and getting the download demos are really missing out! My $.02


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