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Thread: New PS3 slim shipped fw version?!

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    New PS3 slim shipped fw version?!

    Just very recently bought a ps3 slim 250GB (lovely grey box). I can honestly say its very quiet and nowhere near as hot as the chunky 60GB I traded in

    Woman in the shop said that it comes already loaded with fw 3.0

    It doesn't - As far as I can see it comes loaded with 2.85 which I cant seem to find anywhere to download.

    Here's the problem. I want to replace my drive with the 500GB one I had in my phat 60GB. When I insert the drive and boot up I get the message along the lines of the drive cannot be read, you need to install ver 2.85 (at least) using a memory stick bla bla bla.

    I don't want to put 3.0 or 3.1 onto it because of all the hanging issues and other reasons so can any one help please?

    Can anyone else confirm that the slim 250 does indeed ship with 2.85 installed? Any way around my drive install issues?

    Any help greatfully appreciated. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gb14929 View Post
    As far as I can see it comes loaded with 2.85 which I cant seem to find anywhere to download.
    Well, if it says 2.85 when you check your PS3 then it is. The PS3 Slim actually comes with different PS3 Firmware versions based on the model and region... they all didn't ship simultaneously with the same version.

    In addition to your proclaimed 2.85, I have also seen several reports of the PS3 Slim coming with 2.70 (US) and 2.75 (EU - Spain) preloaded.

    As far as I'm aware, these (excluding 2.70) were never released as incremental updates by Sony as you can see HERE it jumps right from 2.70 to 2.76 in our archive. Some games may include them on the disc... good luck finding them though.

    Of course, PS3 Slims delivered to shops these days likely come with 3.0+ so the woman you spoke with may be correct as well.

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