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    New to PS3, question on what is recommended

    Hello, I just sold my XBOX 360 and decided to go with a PS3. My question is what is the best method of playing a backup of NCAA 09 online? With the XBOX 360, I flashed my DVD drive with firmware.

    Is there a similar method with PS3 where I flash the drive? Do I go with a mod chip? Please help, I don't need exact detail, just need to be led in the right direction and I can search the forums for a tutorial. Thanks in advance.

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    There are currently no ways to play PS3 back-ups, online or offline. The only PS3 mod-chip that is available is the Infectus, which only allows you to backup the PS3's NAND Flash and restore it... but it won't let you run back-ups either. In short, until the PS3 is unlocked, you are probably best trying to get your 360 back if you want to play back-ups.

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